Counseling Services

Elder and nurse smilingCounseling for hospice care doesn’t just apply to the patient – it applies to the family members and loved ones of the patient as well. At EQUANIMITY Hospice & Palliative Care, INC., we have compassionate counselors who are ready to:

  • Address social, emotional, and spiritual concerns
  • Educate family members
  • Help both patient and their family alike to understand and cope with an illness
  • Provide guidance and advise in decision making
  • Provide grief counseling in the face of loss

EQUANIMITY Hospice & Palliative Care, INC. is a full-stop hospice and palliative care provider that can provide you with a wide range of counseling services that you can truly rely on. For more information, please don’t think twice about calling us at 909-777-3472.